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1A Southey Street, SANDRINGHAM

1A Southey Street, SANDRINGHAM

Passed In
PASSED IN - $3,500,000
A crowd of 70 gathered in the backyard of 1A Southey Street Sandringham. Auctioneer, Stephan Tickell remarked to the crowd that after a successful auction weekend he was “feeling positive”. The crowd remained silent as Mr Tickell invited bids for the “forever home”, this was met with further silence resulting in Mr Tickell placing a vendor bid of $3 300 000. Mr Tickell consulted the vendors and returned to the crowd, reminding them that should the property be passed it, the top bidder has exclusive negotiating rights. After more encouragement from Mr Tickell a first bidder, placed a bid of $3 320 000. This was met by a second bidder, placing a bid of $3 340 000. The first bidder became frustrated as Mr Tickell rejected his $10 000 bid, to which he reluctantly bid $3 360 000. The bids then slowly moved up in $20 000 increments, which Mr Tickell described was like “pulling teeth” until bidder one placed a $10 000. This was swiftly met at a $50 000 bid to which the property was passed in at $3 500 000, allow the second bidder to negotiate.
Saturday 29 February 2020, 10:30 AM
Stephen Tickell, Belle Property - Sandringham
Jenny Dwyer, Belle Property - Sandringham
$3,300,000 - $3,600,000
Passed In

Ellen Russell
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