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8 Stanley Grove, CANTERBURY

8 Stanley Grove, CANTERBURY

Under Hammer
BOUGHT* - $3,780,000
Auctioneer Peter Vigano called for an opening bid, which prompted an offer of $2,700,000 from Bidder 1. This was followed by Mr Vigano’s calls for $50,000 rises. Failing that, a $2,750,000 vendor bid followed. This proved to be quite the catalyst as this auction would see a total of four bidders duking it out to own this little slice of the Golden Mile. When the bidding reached $3,760,000 the proceedings slowed; the silence broken by someone’s phone ringing. “You never know, that could be the bank loaning you more money” quipped Mr Vigano to its owner. Then bidding reached $3,780,000. “Can we have $3,800,000? Come on, let’s go, let’s do it” encouraged Mr Vigano. He was about to knock it down when it appeared another bid was forthcoming, but it wasn’t to be, and the property got the hammer treatment!
Saturday 29 February 2020, 12:00 PM
Peter Vigano, Jellis Craig - Hawthorn
Peter Vigano, Jellis Craig - Glen Iris
$2,900,000 - $3,100,000
Under Hammer

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