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7 Stonnington Place, TOORAK

7 Stonnington Place, TOORAK

Passed In
PASSED IN - $3,200,000
The crowd attempted to source the shade in this brightly-lit street while awaiting for the auction to get underway. Auctioneer Marcus Chiminello greeted the crowd warmly and had no shortage of good things to say about this property. Opening with a vendor bid of $3,200,000, Mr Chiminello awaited for a member of the audience to pop up their hand and meet his request of a further $20,000. Mr Chiminello said that there was no need for him to go inside, but did so in any case. Upon his return, the folks seemed to be too shy and refused to make any advance. As such, the property passed in at the original vendor bid of $3,200,000.
Saturday 23 November 2019, 12:30 PM
Marcus Chiminello, Marshall White - Stonnington
Madeline Kennedy, Marshall White - Stonnington
$3,500,000 - $3,850,000
$3,200,000(Vendor Bid)
$3,200,000(Vendor Pass)
Passed In

Bridget Agnoleto
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