Looking to sell Off-market

Looking to sell Off-market?

Most people know Mal and Gina at James Buyer Advocates because of the public homes they’ve bought, like


But you never see the many, many private homes they buy quietly and confidentially Off-market.

Lyall St , Black St , The Ridge , Hodgson St , Stanhope St x 2, Favril St , Grace Park – Mary St Hawthorn and …………..

As well you never hear about the homes where they manage the selling agents on the selling side – currently 11.


Looking to sell Off-market

We are James Buyer Advocates (1000+ buys since 2002)

We have 14 clients looking for

$3m to $10M+ family homes – reno or ready to go

Golden Mile Brighton, Hampton, Middle Park and……Grace Park, Sackville, Tara Estate, Scotch Hill and……Gascoigne, St Georges , and……

Call us for a no-obligation real buyers $ guide.

Why sell Off-market?

  1. Because it’s confidential and no selling fees (if you want).
  2. Because 2018 Market has changed for sellers.
  3. Because our clients engage us for access, not low prices.
  4. Because it works – less than 20% sell under the hammer.

Three Choices for You (Fees and No Fee Options)

Option 1: We view, bring suitable buyers and if we buy, we pick up all the costs – we are paid by our buying clients.

Option 2: Do you want a selling agent to help you, but you are not sure which one?
We can organise the 3 best agents from 3 different companies to come to your home and present to you.
We then deal through that agent if we have a buyer.
We are not paid by you or the agent – they make a donation to Launch for the Homeless or The PlasterHouse in Tanzania. You get the best agent, best deal and you can sell to whomever you want.
This has raised $100,000’s for charities since 2006.

Option 3: Buy/Sell. Our most popular service, where we help you buy another home and we arrange agents to sell your current home at the same time. We are paid a buying fee by you and you pay a selling fee to the agent.
Reduces stress, bank payouts, renting and costs.
We can , look at more homes, privately and if not successful – then no fees are charged.

What can you expect from Us?


Look out for this Off-market letterbox-drop in your area




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