Younger Homebuyers thriving in 21st Century Inner Melbourne

First Day on the Bayside site with Mal James, Lyndon Hayward and James Hayward

First Day on the site with Mal, Lyndon and James Hayward.

We are pleased to welcome James Hayward, who has been employed by James Buyer Advocates on a part-time basis, to take a very average site (irregular size of just over 700 sqm, with two older style brick unrenovated buildings) and a very average Inner Melbourne family (arguments, stresses, hope and dreams) and bring them together in a way, where a possible five, but still one family(s) can survive and then thrive, in 21st Century Inner Melbourne.

James, is a young (23yo) trainee architect with an impeccable heritage – his father Lyndon was in part responsible, for some of Melbourne’s iconic buildings, including Crown Casino and his mother Helen, a caring and astute community worker. James is currently involved with a Japanese architectural firm, as well as his schooling and work here and across the oceans.

We are looking for new ways, for a family (in particular younger members) to live a better Inner Melbourne home life.

James’s role will be to bring new concepts, new ways of thinking AND put them into practice, from a young person’s point of view; for those that want to survive and then thrive, as a modern family in Inner Melbourne now; and into the 21st Century.

On a macro level the government(s) are waking up to the damage done to younger people’s housing aspirations with immigration and rapid population expansion in Inner Melbourne, since 2008, without the corresponding infrastructure.

This is not an immigration argument project – but for the record, we are pro immigration for jobs and humanity and …..and we are all good on African, Asian, Anglo………whatever the community/our leaders deem to be the right balance.

This project is about improving Inner Melbourne family home options, for all of us who are here now and will be coming in the future.

Anyway to some extent, the population horse has already bolted, the immigration ship has already sailed (to here) or better put; too few spots are left near train stations for to just except the 2020-50 issues will right themselves with 1970’s ideas or by doing nothing – they won’t!

On a micro level. How are you and your adult children, grandchildren going to live well with the Inner Melbourne 3P’s?

  • (feels like a home)
  • Position (near an Inner train station and within cooeee of each other and no 60/90 minute, times two, daily work commutes) and;
  • Price (mortgages that don’t kill families and ruin health)

What’s your life going to look like when you’re old, wrinkly and borderline embarrassing – if you haven’t shown kindness to the youngies and taught the values of family. How will they be able to give what you will need, if you haven’t shown them how kindness and family can work.

If you think isolated aged care is your answer then I ask, have you forgotten the learnings from the 20th Century institutions, that caused so many of our problems?

Young people want their independence and relationships and privacy – but for many the cost is Warragul or a mind numbing mortgage that impacts lifestyle.

Older people think they want total freedom – but do they want that, at the expense of family.

Guess what, here is one possible solution – why not live together, but also live apart – it’s a centuries old idea, can it work in Inner Melbourne?

Huh! Yep.

  • Grandad helps looks after grandchild for son/daughter, while son/daughter earns money to help look after grandad and grandchild.
  • Like the Greeks, Africans, Indians, the Jews/Arabs and Aborigines sort of do – like the Anglos, Americans and some Aussies sort of don’t.
  • At times families want to live together and at other times, families are the last people any of us want to see.
  • But if we are all going to eventually live in smaller spaces, why not have family as your neighbours – OMG – seperate entrances and privacy – but some communal living.
  • Protection of family wealth – a family farm concept can be 1000 acres in Horsham – can it be 700 sqm in Bayside and then possibly, other sibling farms coming off this one piece of wealth?
  • Inner Melbourne is regarded as one of the most liveable cities and with all my travels, I agree (for oldies). However for young people it is fast becoming one of the more unliveable cities, due to mortgage/traffic/future fear stresses.
    This will only get worse, if we oldies, don’t wake up; put our bank accounts, super fund balances and growing old fears to the background of our minds; and bring our families into the foreground of our hearts, by finding ways for the young and the old(er) to work and live together in meaningful and happy ways.

How else can this all work?

Who knows – all ideas welcome!

The current system is not going to work for Inner Melbourne Young People, without significant change in Inner Melbourne Older People’s Mindsets.

What James, our trainee architect has to work with:

  • A family, with three independent teenage and early twenties siblings, sort of divorced (but living side by side and late 50’s) parents and two near ninety-year-old grandparents and two pesky dogs, plus visiting cousins, uncles and aunts and ………
  • No clear idea of what is wanted, as none of the above can agree, except they all do like living together – sort of….and occasionally. There is a family bond of considerable strength.
  • Bugger all budget, still got a $M mortgage on this site – so no bulldozing, work with what is there – minimal or no borrowing – most/all has to be saved up to build. Lucky no rush as well.
  • A desire to be more self sufficient with food, water, energy etc.
  • A difficult council – Bayside is a doozy for making your life tricky.
  • AND a very unclear brief of how this will look.

Hey with all this, what could possibly go wrong?!

Over the next few years, James will be working/guiding our family, through local draughts people, designers, suppliers, councils, builders, architects and lawyers, therapists, clairvoyants and……… to flesh out into the open, the things we really need to talk about AND THEN DO; with regards to 21st century family home life in Inner Melbourne.

We will bring videos, concepts, drawings, how-to’s of a practical nature to Younger People (and Oldies) through James Market News.

First video episode around Easter – what may this all look like and why does it have to……?

It’s called the James Melbourne Family Project.

Younger Homebuyers

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